Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Progress delayed

I think I have been waiting to post something on this blog until I had something good to say. Maybe a breakthrough of some sort. Perhaps to brag about a great week of training?. Maybe I'm ready to set those PRs I was talking about in my post about the upcoming year. Unfortunately, I don't have a ton of positivity to impart, other than that I haven't completely given up.

My next race is coming up this weekend at Rock CF Half Marathon on Grosse Ile this weekend. I am not in good enough running shape to PR this race. Nor do I think I'll be able to best my previous times for this race. I don't think I'll break two hours. In fact, I may not even beat my slowest half-marathon time, which was my first half-marathon. My training has been erratic and I'm currently home from work on the second day of an illness.

I still intend to run Sunday and have decided that I will be happy doing it, whatever the result. There are really only a few choices at this point anyway. I can run and be happy about it, I can run and be miserable or not run at all. Option 1 seems like the only acceptable choice.


I was able to be a pacer at the Kona St. Patrick's Day race in Plymouth a couple weeks ago. It was brutally cold, but otherwise it was enjoyable. I was going to pace 60 minutes for the 10k, but instead ended up running 65 minutes with Lorenda (her blog). That was fine by me. Usually, when I'm pacing, I talk quite a bit and try to be encouraging and helpful to those around me. It was too darn cold for that on this day.

I also ran the 5k holding the "first time 5k" sign. I tried to run what I thought a first time 5k runner would run and probably finished in around 34 minutes.

I did get this nice photobomb out of the first race.

Hopefully I'll feel better soon, the weather will improve and I'll be able to get some real training in. Until then, I'll continue to muddle along. Spring will soon be here?


I decided to sign up for the Chicago Marathon and see what happens in the lottery. If I get in, that should motivate me. If I don't, I'll likely sign up for Indy Monumental Marathon and will use that and the "rejection" by Chicago to motivate me. Gotta take it when you can.