Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Has Run Out - Get It?

Another year has come and gone and it went all too fast. Like the last couple years, I feel like I need to look back on my year in running for this blog to see how it went and to see where I'm going. Let's start with my progress on my goals I set last year:

1. Run a sub 20 minute 5k race.

Result: Not!

I started out the year not running nearly enough and never really dedicated myself to any sort of speed work program. As a result, I would classify most of my 5k race times as rather disappointing. I only broke 23 minutes once and that was early in the year. I was hoping to at least PR (beat 22:16) at the Open Door Julie Run in June, but had a poor race and ran 24:02. There were a couple age group awards, but the 5k distance was largely forgettable this year.

2. Run a sub 1:42:30 half marathon.

Result: No sir or madam.

I ran three half marathons in 2013. Two were in the spring and one in the fall. The spring ones, Rock CF and Martian, were done without nearly enough training. I learned this year that you can't run once or twice a week and expect to improve or even maintain. I was able to PR at my fall marathon, The Brooksie Way, with a time of 1:48:18. I had been training prior to that race, but it wasn't my focus at the time (I wouldn't have had a long run of 20 miles the week before if this was my "goal" race). I am happy I beat my time from last year.

3. Complete a marathon, beat Subway Jared by one hour.

Result: Complete marathon, Yes! Beat Jared by one hour, no.

Eat fresh!

I am the fluorescent yellow / green spec with arms raised.

I worked hard to ready myself for the Detroit Marathon this year and had a good 16 weeks of training leading up to the race. I don't think I would have changed a whole lot about the training, especially since I started "from behind" due to a less-than spring.

I had the part where I would beat Jared by over an hour "in the bag" (heck, I had 3:50 something in my sights) until my legs really gave out around mile 17 / 18. I had zero plans to walk at all for this race, but I needed to walk / run the last 6 miles or so. I'm happy I finished and accomplished something, but the finishing time was slower than I had hoped for.

4. Run 1000 Miles in 2013

Result: 858 Miles, so nope.

What I said:. "I believe that my marathon training will get me close to this goal and, as long as I keep it up in the cooler months, I should make it."

The marathon training did get me close, but the amount of running I did both early and late this year was much less than anticipated, leaving me 142 miles short.

Overall: 0 for 4 on goals (But 2013 was still a success!)

Say whaaaaa? I didn't officially meet a single goal, but I still count 2013 as successful. I ran more miles than any previous year, I set PRs for the 10 mile, half marathon and marathon distances (first races are always PRs) and still enjoy this sport / passion / hobby / sport. Though I will be 40 in 2014 (YUK!) I maintain that I have a ton of potential and plan to continue to improve in the coming year and many years to follow.

I have put the following summary into my year-end blog post the past couple years, so I'll continue while adding this year's results:

Miles Run:
1997 to 2007 – a little more than zero.
2008 – About 25
2009 – About 25
2010 – 150 or so.
2011 – More than 450
2012 - Over 800

2013 - Over 850

Days of exercise (running, gym, etc.)
1997 to 2009 – a few per year
2010 – About 30
2011 – Over 125
2012 - Over 150

2013 - Over 150

Races run:
1997 to 2007 – Zero
2008 – One
2009 – One
2010 – Three
2011 – Seventeen (Eleven 5Ks, One 8k, One 10K, One Half-Marathon, One 4 Mile age-graded race, One 4.8 Mile trail race and One Obstacle Race)
2012 - Nineteen (Ten 5ks, One 8k, One 4.5 mile, One 5.5 Mile, Two 10Ks, Two 10 mile races, Two half marathons)

2013 - Sixteen (Seven 5Ks (two as pacer), One 8k, Three 10Ks (all as pacer),  One 10 Mile race, Three Half Marathons, One Marathon)

Fastest 5k Race times:
2008 – 31:56
2009 – 32:10
2010 – 28:10
2011 – 24:39
2012 - 22:16

2013 - 22:58

Race Awards:
Prior to 2011 – One second place medal for “walking” during a race I ran.
2011 – One Overall 1st place, One age group 1st place, Two age group 2nd place, Three age group 3rd place and a Top 20 age-graded race award (8th). Finisher medals for Warrior Dash, Brooksie Way Half Marathon and Iron Turkey races.
2012 - Three age group 2nd place, One age group 3rd place and finisher medals for Shamrock N' Roll 10k, Milford Labor Day 10k, Crim 10 Mile, Rock CF Half Marathon and Brooksie Way Half Marathon.

2013 - One Overall 1st Place, One age group 1st place, One age group 3rd place and finisher medals for Shamrock N' Roll, Kona Run, Wicked Halloween Run, Kona Triple Crown, Kona Chocolate Run, Crim 10 Mile, Rock CF Half Marathon, Martian Half Marathon, Brooksie Way Half Marathon and Detroit Marathon.

Other Notable Items from 2013:

  • Hosted a Couch to 5k program at our church.
  • My daughter started running cross country.
  • Did not significantly injure myself (Lets keep it up!)
  • Met more of my blogger, Facebook, Twitter and Dailymile pals.
  • Ran with my Brooksie Way team, Indian Springs Meetup group, Your Pace or Mine group and people from Southeast Michigan Runners (SEMR) several times.
  • Set 3 PRs 
  • Paced five races at four events for Kona Running Company.

After welcoming a baby in late 2012, my life has again changed for the better, but keeping up with running has been more difficult. With a busy family schedule, it isn't easy finding time to get out and go. As a family, we'll need to continue to be creative in the coming year to make time for running / exercise. 

The next post will be about my goals for 2014. Onward and upward!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The obligatory December blog post

Hey all!

Both my running and my blog posts have really been lagging lately for various reasons. The longest I think I've gone without a blog post is a bit over a month, so I thought I should write something.

As far as running goes, life in general has not been accommodating to my running schedule. We had to travel for a family issue last week and there has been a load of scouting, church and other social activities going on. I don't feel like I have any time to do anything workout related and, in the rare cases where there may be some time, I just don't feel up to it. Sounds like a lot of excuses to me.

In the first 20 days of December, I have run a total of 13 miles and none at all in the past week.I think my low mileage month since the running comeback was something like 30 last December or 33 in January. I'm hopeful that, with some time off work, I'll be able to get some exercise in. I used to be worried that I would quit if I had too much of a lapse. That isn't a concern anymore - my desire to run is as much as ever - but I just need to get back into a good rhythm.

Next post will be better or your money back!