Saturday, November 24, 2012

Group Therapy

After about a month off, I'm back running semi-regularly. One thing which has helped is running with a group the last couple Saturdays. I never thought I needed to run with a group regularly, but it has its advantages. The main one currently is to help me simply get out there and get the miles in.

This is not what a group run looks like in Michigan in November

As an example, it was pretty crummy out this morning. It was at or below freezing, windy and there was a light snow. While I would hope otherwise, I think I may have skipped the run or would have run later and scaled it back without the group. With it, I ran 10 chilly miles and, for the most part, enjoyed it. I certainly am happy I got the miles in. Other benefits include meeting new people, keeping a more steady pace and generally pushing each other.

I don't necessary want or need to run with a group all the time, but once a week or every couple weeks is helpful.

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  1. Running with a group always helps. It's one of those things you don't do all the time, but it's always rewarding when you do. I like it especially when there is good conversation. Makes the run, especially long runs, fly by.