Sunday, July 28, 2013

Marathon Training - It's A Marathon

I've just completed Week 5 of my 17 week planned marathon training. Overall, it's going really well. Here's the highlights:

  • I have transitioned to running in the morning before work. This is a bit tough because I need to leave pretty early. This means getting up around 5:30 am on shorter days and I guess I'll need to get up before 5 on the mid distance run days. Yuck.  I might need to do those runs after work. 5 and 6 miles was bad enough, now I need to do 7. The good thing is that the runs don't seem to tire me for the rest of the day.
  • I've missed only one - 3 mile run and one cross training day in 5 weeks. Considering my running over the past 10 months, that is quite an accomplishment.
  • I have no significant injuries. Actually, I don't think I have had a running injury that was too significant thus far in my adult running career (knock on wood like substance). Going beyond that, I don't hurt anywhere. Sure, I've had some during and after run soreness, but that is necessary for muscle development. I am hoping that following the Hal Higdon Novice 2 schedule (and not jumping ahead) will be helpful in staying healthy.
  • I don't feel a whole lot faster, but I do feel more resilient. I feel like I could still run on Fridays after doing my Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday runs. (But I don't)
  • My stamina / breathing is a bit ahead of my legs. The hope is that my legs will acclimate to running more frequently and for longer distances. Then, I hope I will be able to move them faster. :)
I don't feel burnt out and still look forward to most runs. Not necessarily getting up at the "butt crack of dawn" or before, but the runs themselves. 26.2 miles still seems so far off, but then I remember I still have 3 months to go. Thus far, I haven't really done anything out of my comfort zone. I'm healthy and there haven't been any runs longer than I have done before. The long run part changes next week when I am scheduled to do 14 miles. My long run is 14.01 miles per Garmin connect, so I'm nearing uncharted territory. The way the mileage ramps up slowly, I'm confident I'll be able to complete all that the plan asks of me.


Ran today with Jeff (of Detroit Runner), Kevin, Alexis (of Get2Fit2quit) and Sherri at Pontiac Lake Rec Area on the bike trail. Great day for running - as cool and comfortable July day as one could ask for. My legs weren't really up to it (I did heavy yard / house work yesterday, which took more of a toll on me than most runs), but it got done. Always nice to run with a group and this is a good group. The bike trail is very hilly and "technical". I managed not to fall today, and all toenails seem to be intact, which is always a bonus.

I have a couple races scheduled before the marathon in mid / late October. Well, actually 3. There's the Crim 10 mile late August, the Camp Lael 5k in Mid September and the Brooksie Way Half Marathon in late September. I'm going to try to do well at all of them, but will not alter my schedule much to fit them in. However I happen to feel, that's how I will run. Would love to PR both the Crim and Brooksie, but my goal now is to train properly for the marathon and finish.



  1. Keep it up! And go to bed early!! :)

  2. I too have been doing most of my runs in the morning before work. The hardest part for me is the getting up part :) ..... but once I'm up and had my coffee, I'm good.

    Looking forward to reading more of your training. Marathon day gets here quicker than you think!!