Monday, August 29, 2011


My grandfather went to be with the Lord last week and we attended his funeral this weekend. Obviously, running took a backseat to life.

He was always there for us. He passed away last week and we attended his services and the reunion picnic celebrating his life this weekend. Who else would teach me how to repair the rust holes on my '84 Dodge Daytona with duct tape and primer and have it actually work and look good? We will miss him greatly. Prayers for my family, especially for my grandmother are welcomed and appreciated!

I did run this weekend, though not the Crim 10 Mile race I had planned. I ran Friday morning at about what I figured my 10 mile race pace would have been. I did 5 miles. I would have rocked at my race and beat my goals. I have very little doubt about that.

On Sunday, I just wanted to do something to get out and run. I ran the only race I could find in the area. It was the Foxwood 4 Mile, put on my Frank Johnson of ASF Running ( It was a loop around a neighborhood then a nice bike trail out and back. I did the race and, considering that I was mentally and somewhat physically tired before the race, I did ok with a time of 34:25. I figured if I was under 35, I would be satisfied. It was an age-graded race, meaning that some people started earlier and others later based on age. I finished 8th overall and got a nice little "Top 20 Finisher" trophy for my efforts.

I met some nice people and overall the race just made me feel good and normal after the events of the past week. They will be putting on a marathon / half marathon in April 2012 that I might consider doing (the half that is).

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  1. Hey Josh, sorry to hear about your grandpa. Nice job still getting a race in. Don't worry, there will always be races and the Crim isn't going anywhere.