Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I take the worst finish line pictures ever....

This is from the finish of the Rugged Man race. I don't know why it looks like I have a big ol'belly. I really don't, especially after running all year. I was busting tail to the finish, thus the strained look on my face and my glasses are almost falling off too. It appears my right leg is just DESTROYED, but it was really just a very small cut and a scrape - at least maybe that looked rugged.

Looking back, I'm not thrilled with my time or my finish (12/20 men 30-39). It was my first real trail race, so I'll cut myself some slack. Just like at Warrior Dash, I let the bunched up group ahead of me dictate my pace. I need to run my race, not someone else's.

Anyhow, I have a couple race options this Saturday. I could go to Midland for a half marathon or I can go to Dexter and do a 10k OR the IRON TURKEY which is a 5k at 9am, followed by a 10k at 10 am. There are a couple other 5ks which are closer, but I would rather run a longer race. We'll see.


  1. Josh, you are insane racing every weekend. I love it! Go for the half of the Iron Turkey!! That is a sweet picture BTW. I did think that your leg had just gone through a meat grinder.

  2. Gonna do the IRON TURKEY in Dexter this Saturday. I will try one more time to better my 5k time, then I'll do my first 10k about a half hour later. Awww yeah.