Sunday, February 26, 2012

Go Faster

I took all I need, I don't need no more
So I'll take what I want, until I want some more
You can't stop or I will pass you
If you slow down I will out last you
But when you're down you won't find me laughing
And just one question I might ask you
But it might sound like a disaster
Can you make this thing go faster?

Excellent song by The Black Crowes, who are among the most underrated American rock bands of the 90's (perhaps because they didn't sound like anyone else in the 90's.) It is on my Running / Speed Rock playlist. I am in the process of putting together this list and putting a page for it on the blog.

After good runs last weekend, I didn't do anything at all Tuesday - Friday (again). There are good reasons for it, but I am still not thrilled about it. Went out yesterday and was pretty miserable overall for a 7 mile run. It was just cold, windy, wet and muddy and my energy level just was low for whatever reason. I didn't go too much slower than planned, but just felt kinda blah. Hoping for a better outing on Monday.

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