Monday, February 13, 2012

Vallum Times Day

Ran 5k after a big run (11 miles) yesterday. Normally, I would rest after that, but I think it is getting important for me to sometimes run two or three days in a row. Need to get myself used to moving on tired legs, especially for long races. The legs don't feel as good, but they still work! No overuse, but I need to continue to teach myself perseverance. :)

I posted this on Watch MeGo Run as a response to her post about Valentine's Day and perseverance. Decided I would make it my blog post tonight. It isn't too mushy, but not in the normal character of this blog. Anyhow, here it is:

"Met my woman on a dial up BBS. If ya don't know what that is, it is basically a message board you connected to via modem. Only one person can call in at a time, leave messages, play "lemonade stand", etc. Anyhow, the owner of one of the BBS's, a high school librarian, said I should bug this girl, so that's what I did. It was a couple months before we even met, and even when we did, I wasn't sure it was a date date (I was a master, unfortunately for me, of having more girl friends than girlfriends).

I washed my hair twice, broke out my finest jean shirt (it was 1993 - don't judge me!), and picked her up. We saw Jurassic Park and then hit McDonalds (not much to do in Terre Haute, IN at night, especially when you're 19), then took her back to her college dorm (different school than mine). I decided to be bold (for once) and tried to give her a kiss. It worked out pretty well. We've been together for over 18 years, married for almost 12, have two great kids, and so on. Your (Megan's from WatchMeGoRun) lesson was perseverance, which is very important. In this story, my lesson is confidence. Stronger than you think, better than you know - that whole thing."

I know one of my readers is my lovely wife. Happy Valentine's Day Baby!

OK, that wasn't too bad. How to bring it back to running....hmmmmm..... I'm gonna make her proud when I kick some butt at the Rock CF Half Marathon in 6 weeks! Under 2 hours. Book it! Confidence. I has it!

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  1. I loved reading this story about you guys, so sweet! 18 years is a huge accomplishment, congrats! I definitely think you can do the half in sub 2 hours!