Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Time to think about that baby stroller...

I haven't posted this before, but we're expecting our third child in October. We just found out today that we will be having a girl. I was afraid that our son was going to be upset (he wanted a boy), but he took the news much better than expected.

Soooooooo, I'm probably going to be needing one of them thar running strollers. (If you know of anyone looking to get rid of one, lemme know!) After all, mommy will need a break and the kid and I could use some fresh air once in a while. While I'm crazy enough to run in the cold, baby and I probably won't be doing any running until after winter. 

Happy Running Day! If you somehow missed it, today is National Running Day or something. I'm not sure who proclaimed it or when it was started, but I participated by running a practice 5k. It went pretty well, but I need to run about 50 sec a mile faster during the race to beat my goal. It is going to be tough, but I remain hopeful. I figure I ran the first and third miles at the necessary pace last race, so if I can take care of that middle one, I'll be fine.

Happy Running Day!!!

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  1. Congrats on #3! Hopefully your son copes well with baby girl ;)