Saturday, March 16, 2013

Keepin' the Pace

Hey ya'll!

I'm looking forward to my first official pacing assignment tomorrow at Shamrock N' Roll in Plymouth.

I raced this last year and had an opportunity to pace it this year, so I took it. I have another race Rock CF half marathon, the following weekend so this works out well as it can double as a practice run for that race. Additionally, I just can't race every race I would like to because of costs. As a pacer, I am a volunteer and I don't need to worry about a registration fee for this one. I will be pacing 55 minutes for the 10k, so that is about 8:50 min / mile, which is in the neighborhood of my long practice runs.

The only worries I have are this little cold I have and the weather. I'm feeling a bit better than yesterday, so that I hopefully a good sign. I skipped my intended treadmill run last night, but no worries. I've run in this cold, like everyone else around here, for a while. I was just hoping the weather would break and it would at least be "average" out. No such luck. I'm hoping they will find a way to minimize snow / ice on the course.

As for my running in general, it has taken several months, but I think I'm finally back on the right track. Before my cold, I had run 9 times in 13 days, which is about what I should be doing. I got 23 miles in last week and that is a good number considering I've been struggling to get much more than 10 miles in (and my long runs have been 8 to 10 miles on Saturdays, meaning I have averaged about 2 runs weekly).

Dats all I got fer now. Hopefully I'll have more to say after the race!

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  1. That's awesome that you got in via pacing. Thats something I will be looking into this year. Can't to hear how it went.