Saturday, September 24, 2011

Running into Clarkston

I ran a rather hilly route this morning in anticipation of the Brooksie Way Half Marathon next weekend. I ran 7 miles today, which I figured is enough. I kept it at a 10 min / mile pace overall - a bit faster at the start and end and a bit slower in the middle. I felt ok, but not nearly as good as during the half-marathon practice run last week. I am hoping that the pace I started at today will be my race pace. (It is astounding that my long run pace now is pretty close to my 5k race speed less than 6 months ago. I'm getting there...)

Looking forward to running a long race without the hydration belt. I need it when running solo for anything more than about 5 miles, but the race will have water stations every mile.

While I live in a pretty busy suburban area, I can get about 3 miles from home and feel like I'm out in the country. I "discovered" a great dirt road to run on today and didn't see a vehicle on it the whole way. I'm thinking that more of my long runs will start going in this general direction.

The race week plan is to do a mid-distance, mid-effort run on Monday and I will try to get short runs in on Wednesday and Friday. Race day is Sunday and I will be ready.


  1. Great Josh and good luck next week. Part of my pre-race routine always included a 2 mile run the day before the race just to keep my legs sharp. I would run the first half mile at my autopilot pace which was about 8:30 and then run 1 mile at my intended race pace and then finish up with a half mile on autopilot. It always worked for me. Good luck.