Sunday, April 8, 2012

Resurrection Run 5k

Happy Easter!

On Saturday, Lil' C and I got up early to head for the Resurrection Run 5k in Sterling Heights. I ran this race as the 2nd race of the year in 2011. I remember liking the course (a paved trail running near a river) and having a good overall experience, so I thought it would be a good race for us to do this year.

We got there a bit early, signed up and got our shirts. It was quite cold, above freezing, but colder than most of our recent weather. We ended up going inside the building to keep warm. My digestive system was not cooperating that morning (Mongolian BBQ the day before a race is no longer permitted) and I didn't feel in top shape, but thankfully I felt a bit better by race time.

The plan was for each of us to run our own race. For Lil' C, the plan was to run 2 minutes and walk 2 minutes the entire race. I didn't help her set any time goals (this race was practice for her for one in early June), but I figured that, if she did well (a bit better than our practice runs), she could finish under 40 minutes. For me, my goal was to set a PR (finish below 24 minutes). Anything below that would be a bonus.

We lined up to start right at 9 am. The field was a bit smaller than last year, but I'm not sure why. Perhaps because of other area races or because of a couple "big" races in the area (Martian and Big House, Big Heart) the following week. I told Lil' C I'd probably see her before she got to the loop at the turnaround (hopefully after I finished the loop) and that I would come back to her after I finished to see her before the end of the race. Soon after, the race started and we followed a bunch of kids sprinting out, tiring after maybe a tenth of a mile.

Once things calmed down , there was a lead line (not so much a pack, a bit more spread out) of about a dozen people. I was at the back 3rd of that group. I hit the half mile mark at 3:40 and was glad about it - right where I had planned. I was feeling good except for the aforementioned digestive issues and slightly tight legs (I didn't have this issue the last couple races, I really think the cold has something to do with it). A young couple passed me shortly after and, thankfully, they were the only ones to do so the entire race. Next half mile (and every half mile after that) was around 3:50. No 3rd mile fade on this day!

I finished the race in 23:18, a PR by over 40 seconds. I was very happy with how the race went with a very consistent pace throughout. Finished 9th overall and got 2nd place for my age group (35-55 M). If I would have felt a little better (no Mongolian BBQ day before a race again!), I probably could have gotten my 23 min 5k.

More importantly, Lil' C did awesome! I'm very proud of her. She alternated running and walking until about the last half mile. I went back and ran with her for a bit, then she joined a couple teen girls, running all the way until the finish. I was thinking she'd finish in about 40 minutes today and she was even a couple minutes faster than that. For her first race, that is great!

 I was able to run and get my phone in time to get one picture before the finish.

She still got to hit the Easter Egg hunt (which she was willing to miss to run with her dad) too, so she had a pretty great morning.

I was happy to set a PR and have a good race, but I was happier that I got to run with Lil' C and that she had a good time. I have enjoyed being Coach Daddy thus far and hope she'll keep up the good work, mostly because I like the quality father / daughter time.

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  1. Ah shoot. I didn't even really look that hard for you. I kind of figured you'd skip with the rain and your family and everything. I was inside the stadium watching the 10K finishers until right before the start of the 5K.