Friday, April 6, 2012

5k Race Bonanza


After the Rock CF Half Marathon, I didn't have any specific race plans and decided just to concentrate on healing. There was a period of recovery after the race, but it wasn't anywhere near what I experienced after Brooksie Way last year. I was a little sore, but whereas last year I was almost limping the next day, this time, I actually did a very light training run with Lil' C. I did a long run last Sunday, a week after Rock CF, and still didn't feel like I had my legs back.

Now, I feel like I have fully recovered and now have, at least for the short term, a racing focus. Tomorrow, I will be running at the Riverwood Community Church 5k Resurrection run.

As always, I am excited to race, but this one is special because it is the running debut of one Lil' C. My 9 year old daughter decided that she would rather race with me than do an Easter Egg Hunt (I think if she hadn't already done one, she would have made a different choice). Regardless, I'm glad that she will be there with me. Lil' C hasn't completed her initial training and can't run the entire race (unless she's been holding out on me), so the plan will be for her to alternate running and walking.

While I will go back and run with her after I am done (it is a nice trail with good volunteers, so I am not concerned about her being on her own - I don't think I would leave her alone on some courses), I am racing and will be shooting for a PR (under 24 minutes). I ran this race last year as my second race of the year and finished just under 28 minutes. I'm not predicting any particular finishing time, but I do have a goal in the back of my mind, though If I don't PR, I will probably be disappointed.

It turns out now that I will be racing next weekend as well. I entered a Facebook contest by Renewal by Andersen and won a Big House Big Heart Race entry and a sweet shirt to wear during the race.

I hope to show as many people the back of this shirt as possible! :) While I liked the idea of doing this race, I wasn't planning on racing. Since I don't need to pay an entry fee, I'm all over it. This really does look like a cool race and it ends inside of Michigan Stadium (where the University Of Michigan Wolverines play football), which is awesome. Too bad the stands won't be filled with 100,000 screaming fans. It is a pretty big race, so there will still be a good crowd. I had the choice (I think) between the 5k and 10k and I chose the 5k. While I run other distances, I still feel most comfortable at 5k. Plus, if I have a bad race tomorrow (I won't!), I'll have another crack at it.

Dunno about any plans after the Big House Big Heart race. I would like to do another half marathon before the summer, but it might not happen. I am likely to do the Sylvan Shuffle 5k on May 12 and will definitely be at the Open Door Julie Run in Commerce on June 9. Half marathons are more difficult to do because of availability (there isn't one every weekend) and cost (some are just too expensive for me to justify).  The Lets Move Festival of Races half is a possibility on April 28, but I only want to do it if I think I can do better than Rock CF. Basically, if I feel like I get my training in for it in the next couple weeks (harder to do when racing 5ks), I'll likely do it. Otherwise, no.

Lil' C will be adorable doing her race. Hope she has fun so she can keep being my running buddy. :)

What are your racing plans?

Will you do races if you think you are not likely to perform near your best?

Do you plan all, some or none of your races in advance?


  1. There are plenty of 1/2's to pick from in Michigan - go to for a full list. Plenty in May, June, Sept, Oct. I'm even doing one in August.

    1. Thanks Jeff,
      June would be good. Will almost certainly do Brooksie Way again in October too.

  2. I've done the BHBH several times (5K 2x, 10K 1x I think). It is a fun race, but I wouldn't bet too much money on a PR, especially at the 5K, because it can be pretty packed. I had to come to a walk one year on the 90 degree turn out of the tunnel into the stadium because of congestion. Lots of fun halfs to do though... Martian April 14, Dexter-Ann Arbor June 3rd, or the brand new Ann Arbor Marathon June 17th.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I hope I won't need to PR this race,but if I do, I'll try to line up near the front and follow a big Guy with sharp elbows. :)

      One of those June races might work. I'll check em out!