Monday, April 30, 2012

You're not made of sugar, You won't melt...

It was raining most of the day today, but I needed to get out and run, So I decided to go to the Metro Park for a run on the hike / bike trail. I like it out there and it is nearly a Monday routine. The rain would have been fine if it was a bit warmer, but I was kinda cold to start with. I decided to don a dollar store rain poncho and headed out.

This commercial is ripe for parody - so far, we just have Zooey slowed down so she sounds "drunk".

The poncho was effective enough in keeping my head and midsection dry, but after a while it started to fog up and build up moisture, to the point that I decided to ditch it by mile 2. Luckily, the rain let up for most of the rest of the run. Not until the end of the run did it start to do more than drizzle, but by then, the rain was not too unwelcome.

It was a pretty good run and was actually my fastest paced run over 10k ever. For not racing, that is pretty encouraging. I also had my fastest "training" 5k in the last week and I set another monthly mileage record in April. In terms of running, everything seems to be going pretty well at the moment (knock on um... the laptop).

The only, very minor disappointment is that I'm not going to be able to do the Solstice Run. I might have known this before and forgot (which may be why I didn't have this race on my schedule), but I have plans to go to camp with my son that weekend, so I'll need to find another race. I only have 5ks scheduled in the near future and would like to do a longer race. I like the 10 mile idea, but could go for a 15k, or half marathon too, I guess. I like doing various distances - it helps me continue to mix up my training.


  1. You didn't mention your new monthly mileage record...what did you get to in April..?

    Inquiring minds you know....:-)))

  2. 87. I would like to be at 100 or so, but I have trouble getting enough runs in per week.