Saturday, January 26, 2013

Runs For Cookies Virtual 5k

Out of all the SE Michigan running blogs, the most popular I know about (I'm guessing by a large margin - she probably gets 1000 hits for every 1 for me) is . It is with good reason. Katie, who writes the blog, has been featured on Dr. Oz and the Today Show because of her blog featuring her weight loss and running adventures. I have not yet met Katie in person, but I know we have at least one runner pal in common, Ty from This is How Ty Runs.

Anyhow, for her birthday (Happy Birthday!), she hosted a Virtual 5k Race. A virtual race is one that you do on your own, usually on a specific day, and report your results and such electronically. One actually pays for some virtual races, that are often for a fundraising purpose and even feature t-shirts, awards, etc. The Runsforcookies Virtual 5k was free, but you could print a race bib and there is a drawing for some prizes. (Hoping I win something when she draws Sunday or Monday - I like to win stuff!)

Many people ran on the treadmill, but when I got home after work, I figured if I was going to run, it would be outside. I was in a bit of a time crunch and it was cold and getting dark. I threw on some clothes that would keep me reasonably warm and left as soon as I could. There was a light snow and the roads and sidewalks were all snow covered, so I put on my Yaktrax. After a very short warmup, I started running. It was rough going, with the cold, wind and all. The Yaktrax helped as I kept my balance, but there was still some slippage.

I would have liked to run for time, but with the conditions, I was just wanting to get it over with. With all the slippage, I never really settled into a pace much faster than 9:45 min / mi, but was pretty consistent the entire run. My face and hands hurt from the cold, but I managed and completed the run just in time to accomplish the rest of my errands for the evening.

I think my face was still frozen at this point after the run.
I'm still not back on track with my running routine, but I'm trying... I had a long run last Saturday, gym with treadmill on Monday and this 5k on Friday. Will do something today (gym?) or tomorrow. I really need to get on the ball soon if I will have any chance of a PR for the Rock CF Half Marathon in late March.

'Tis all for now! Later!


  1. Thanks for the shout out :) Nice job on the virtual 5K. Friday was a spin day for me so I didn't do it. :(

  2. Thanks so much for participating, and great job on getting out there in the cold! Way to go! :)

    1. Happy birthday again and thanks for hosting the virtual 5k!

  3. nice job on the virtual 5k! It was definitely not ideal weather for it!