Sunday, January 8, 2012

Built for Speed - Need for Theme

My new running theme song is Built for Speed by Motorhead (sorry, I don't know how to type umlauts).

Since I started running again, I have had the need for a "theme song". Why? I dunno. I just like having a song that, to me, means that it is time to get after it and attack the race course. I didn't need to find my first theme song in 2010, it found me: In For The Kill by Budgie.

Before the Warrior Dash last year, I found this great song by Thin Lizzy called Warrior(or Warriors, depending on the album).

Based on my choice of these three songs, a clear pattern is emerging:
1. The songs have something to do with aggression, power and / or speed.
2. They are mid-tempo, riff-heavy rock songs.
3. Fans of these bands would know these songs, but they aren't rock radio staples (classic rock radio is pretty poor anyway, especially in this area).
4. All are fairly new to me and became my theme songs upon first listenings.

I thought about making several songs such as "Going the Distance" by Cake, "Runnin' Down a Dream" by Tom Petty or "Run to the Hills" by Iron Maiden my official theme, but all were just too familiar. While I know Motorhead and am starting to get into some of their stuff thanks to Spotify, I haven't listened to their entire catalog. Knowing it was time for a new song for the year, I have been looking for songs with Run, Running, Runnin', fast, speed, etc. in the title. I found a few other songs I like, which could be part of a playlist, but the others had some "flaw" in being too slow, not "heavy" enough, too "hair band" sounding, too familiar, etc.

Yes, I know that this entire post is silly and makes me sound like a big (bigger?) dork, but I take motivation from wherever I can get it, particularly from music.


Ran 3 mid-tempo miles yesterday after the 7 the day before. No running today, but I will go out Monday and do something. I am leading towards doing another long run or a mid-distance run at a faster pace than the 7 on Friday.

The good weather of late has been energizing and has motivated me to run. I'm planning to do an early spring half-marathon now and will work in the upcoming weeks to get ready.

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