Saturday, January 14, 2012

Men who fought in submarines were hardcore

We (Lil' J and I) spent last night on the USS Silversides in Muskegon, MI at the Great Lakes Memorial and Museum with his Cub Scout troop. It was both very cool and very cold. I learned a lot about the sub and how those who manned it during World War II lived. It is amazing how 80 men could live in this ship for almost 3 months at a time while fighting a war. That was the true Operation Hardcore.


Because of the trip and for other reasons, I didn't get as much running in this week as I would have liked. After a nice, "easy" 9 miles on Monday, I only managed to do 2 treadmill miles on Wednesday and 2 more today. I am using the treadmill donated to us by my mom (it was collecting dust and cat hair anyway) and, for a "low-end" type treadmill that is a few years old, it seems to do the job.

There is one item about it I don't like - the display and what it says. It has one of the "old" black on grey LCD readouts which is hard to read, especially while moving. Worse is that the speed shown is way off from any other treadmill I have been on. Just by effort, I can tell that even though the display says 5 mph, I am working harder than 6 mph at the gym treadmill. While not scientific, I have a pretty good idea how fast I am running, and with as hard as I'm breathing and as much as I'm sweating, I'm sure moving faster than a 12 minute / mile pace. As such, I've decided that I'm adding about 20% to anything I do on this treadmill based on the display.

Operation Hardcore Fit (#OpHardcoreFit) is still in effect, but this week was a bit quiet. Planning to make more noise in the next couple weeks.

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