Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yaktrax on a Snowy Run, Bought New Shoes

My schedule has not been kind to running at all this week. Sick kids, meetings, wife surgery - other things were just more important than getting in training runs. As everyone is healed or on the mend, I am able to get back at it.

As it was below 10F around noon, I decided to go and get a new pair of shoes. As I have never been fit for a pair of running shoes, I decided to go to a running store. The nearest one to me is Runnin' Gear. I have been in the store a couple times previously and like to patronize local businesses when I am able. The main issue with smaller stores is that they tend to be more expensive. I heard that they were having a sale, so I thought I would stop by.

I met with Mark at Runnin' Gear and, after looking at my current shoes, evaluating my stride, etc., he brought me 4 pairs of shoes to try. Out of all of them, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11s immediately felt the best. They are "last years" model, as a GTS 12 is now out, so they were on sale for $70 (comparable to online prices). I didn't like that they were made in China. As far as I know, only New Balance has American-Made shoes, but the shoes comparable to the Brooks Adrenalines weren't on sale and just didn't feel as good to me. (I wish more companies would make shoes in the US. While it might not be a major factor in all purchases, I try to "Buy American" when ever I can). I ended up purchasing the Brooks shoes, but decided not to try them out in the snow.

When I got home after the running store and the grocery store, it was now closer to 20 degrees with sun and not much wind. Good enough. I put on 3 shirts, 2 "wicking" long sleeve shirts and my thicker, cotton "Iron Turkey" long sleeve shirt over the top. This layering method seems to work well from about 20 - 35 degrees. I also finally got to put the Yaktrax Pros to use for the first time. These things go over the bottom of your shoes for traction on ice and snow.

The side roads I ran on were still somewhat snow / ice covered after our 2-3 inches of snow last night and the extra traction was welcome. I'm not certain I could have done this run without the Yaktrax and they were not uncomfortable or unwieldy, which makes them worth it in my opinion. If they can hold up well, I would recommend them, but time will tell.

The goal was to do a mid - fast pace 5k run and I did what I set out to do, keeping a sub-9 min/mi pace. On an effort scale of 1 - 10, I'd say I was at a solid 7 and was happy with the run, especially considering the temp and road conditions.

I'm hoping it will dry out a bit over the next couple days so I can use my new shoes! I would love to do a long run Sunday or Monday.

Anyone else have any running news or other insights to share?

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  1. The wires on my Yaktrax broke pretty quick, but they still work.