Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rock CF Half - Great Race

The Rock CF Half Marathon was today on Grosse Ile, an island town in the middle of the Detroit River. It is in Michigan but on the other side of the river is Canada. The CF stands for Cystic Fibrosis and finding effective treatments and ultimately a cure to this disease was the reason for this race.

Because the race took place over an hour from my home, I had to go to bed quite early and got up before 4am. I got to the high school at 6:15 am to pick up my race bib and packet. I walked a bit and then went back to the car to get ready. It was warm enough to go with short sleeves and shorts and, luckily, the rain held off.

At the start area, I saw Megan from Watch Mego Runfor the second straight week. As we currently run at a similar pace, I would see her a couple more times during the race. I didn't see the other area run bloggers (it was a big race with over 1000 people), but hope they did well.

I started out a little fast, but intentionally so. I figured if I felt good, I would try to maintain an 8:40 min/mi pace, which, if I could maintain it, would get me a 1:54 race time. I actually was right on it for about 9 miles. The last 3-4 miles were tough, mostly because of sore legs. While they were sore, they kept moving. So, how did I do?

You see, Jesse says "Yo" and the "B" word a lot, usually in the same sentence

I set a PR by over 8 minutes and beat my "Gold Medal" goal by finishing in 1:56:36. Overall, I am very happy with the race and the result!

Three races with 3 PRs this year so far. I feel like I'm really making some progress on the way to the goals I set for 2012.

So... what's next? I don't have any races on the schedule at the moment. I want to do another 5k, because it is still my "favorite" distance and because I think my 5k PR is soft (I know I mentioned race times a lot in this post. It isn't "all that matters", but one of the main reasons I train is to improve). There are a lot of 5k opportunities - the most interesting being the Big House, Big Heart race at Michigan Stadium. I'm also considering another half marathon - possibly the "Lets Move" one in 4 weeks in Macomb County.

Have you raced this year? If so, how did it go

Is just running reward enough, or do you need "results"?

How do you pick races to run?


  1. way to "Rock" a new PR.....must've been a great day for you! Well done!

  2. Great job today - an 8 min PR is awesome! It was a perfect day for a race and I LOVE how well this one is organized! Maybe see you at Let's Move - I'll be running that half again this year.

  3. Congrats!! Sounded like a great race. I'll "half" to try it next year. ;)

  4. First, congratulations on a fine effort and a great time....a sub-2 hour half is an accomplishment indeed, and beating your old time by 8 minutes is impressive.

    Although most of the time just running healthy is enough for me, I do like to get out there with other runners and mix it up. I haven't been in a lot of races since my "come back from Fat City", but I do enjoy seeing the results and where I "stack up" against others my same general age on that day.

    Sounds like you have a fun spring and summer ahead of you...can't wait to read about it !

  5. Thanks for the messages! Would highly recommend this race if you're wanting to do an early spring half! It was "cheap" for a half, had a tech long sleeve shirt, probably the best looking medal I have received, was well run, on a nice course and was for a very good cause.

    As of this moment, planning to do the "Lets Move" Half, but I'm going to wait to sign up until I'm sure.

  6. Awesome job Josh! Everything you have done in the past year or so has been pretty impressive and truly inspiring. Keep it up!