Saturday, March 3, 2012

This Wind Doth Blow & Run Book

We have had a relatively pleasant winter here in Michigan. Certainly there have been recent weather events throughout the Midwest that trump any minor inconveniences I may experience, but can we give the wind a rest? Each of the last 3 weekends, it has been crazy windy. 35 to 40 degrees isn't ideal running weather, but it is manageable. However, coupled with 20 - 35 mph wind gusts, it is not very pleasant.

I was able to get a decent 7 mile run in this morning. I wanted to go longer, but I had other things to do and, with the weather, it wasn't too fun. I'll try to do a faster pace run on Monday.

I ordered the book "Run - The Mind-Body Method of Running by Feel" by Matt Fitzgerald and just received it today. I'm not really a book guy (though I do read a bunch of articles and such on the web), but there was a description of this book somewhere that made it intriguing to me. On the surface, it seems to endorse following how you feel over rigid training structure - i.e. effort based training. Found it cheap on, so I got it. Haven't gotten past the table of contents yet, but I'll post more about it after I read it.

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