Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Post About Not Running

While I am not (yet) training for anything specific, I was supposed to do a long run today and decided not to. Not injured, not burnt out, didn't have any other commitments, I just didn't run and I am totally OK with it.

 I did mow the lawn (in March!) and it was a bit tough (always do that "last mow" in the fall or else doing it the first time in spring will be a big chore - the back yard was like a prairie), so I felt like I got some sort of workout. My legs have been a bit tight since the half marathon last week and I figure that running tomorrow would be better than going out today, so that's the plan.

It's a bit funny that I expect to feel guilty when I don't run and I know many others who feel the same way. I suppose there is a comfort to keeping a schedule, but the truth is, missing or rescheduling a run is not that big of a deal. So, instead of running, I decided to.... watch movies about running.

I watched most of "Spirit of the Marathon" for the second time. If you don't "get" the whole running thing, and especially if you do, I would recommend this documentary film. It follows six runners, two pro and four amateurs, through their training and thoughts leading up to the Chicago Marathon. Their emotions really shine through and I found myself being able to relate in many ways to all of them. It is available on Netflix.
The other documentary film I watched was "Running the Sahara". I've had this in my Netflix queue for a while, but didn't really know if I wanted to watch it. I didn't think watching "elites" run through the desert would be that intriguing. I was wrong for a couple reasons. First, the runners were not just "elites". One was a 2:20 marathoner, but the others were just "normal" guys (who have a great training ethic) with a passion for both running and the desert. The other thing I didn't realize was the complexity of organizing such a massive undertaking. They needed a crew including a guide, doctor, trainer and a "business manager" to deal with the logistics of running over 4000 miles. There was mental fatigue, physical issues, political problems - it was all pretty fascinating.

I didn't run today, but never fear, I'm still sufficiently obsessed.


  1. Thanks for the reassurance that even more avid runners don't always feel like doing A run every day. Also thanks for the hint on some good movies to watch. I will be watching them in the next day or so!!

  2. You should check out the documentary on Steve Prefontaine, and while you're at it, the documentaries on Badwater and Western States are pretty awesome too ;)