Thursday, June 9, 2011

Done with Evening Runs?

I try to run one or twice a week after work. I work a 10 hr shift until 6:30 pm and often do not get home until well after 7. By this time I've had a full day and am tired and hungry. My guess is that this is not the best situation for running. I rarely have a "good" run this late in the day. It's more like "Well... doing something is better than nothing".

Unfortunately, the options for avoiding evening runs are A) Not running at all or B) Running in the early morning before work. Like 5:30 am early. I don't like either choice, but I may try some morning runs. It was difficult to commit to regular exercise and running, but I have done it and now enjoy it. It will be more challenging to get up at the "butt crack of dawn" and try to gallop around the neighborhood.

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