Thursday, June 23, 2011

It Ain't Got No Gas In It

I've had a couple runs since my race, but nothing which dignifies embedding the runs at all. Ran Monday morning and had a decent, easy mid-distance run. Ran again tonight (even though I said no evening runs) and it was quite forgettable. I was just tired and had no energy. My legs didn't hurt or anything, but they just didn't want to move. I didn't even move fast enough to breathe very hard. I was just outta gas I guess.

This week has been busy at home and a bit stressful at work, so the sub-par outing tonight was no surprise. I would have liked to get up early and go, but due to family activities, I didn't get in bed early enough to even think about getting up early.

Looking forward to going to camp this weekend with Lil' J. We should have a great time and I plan to run in the morning when I get up. The camp is the site of a 5k run later this year, so I plan to run the course over and over. Will do a long run most likely on Saturday. I don't know that I can go more than 8.5 mi then have a full day of camp fun, but 6 or so sounds about right.


  1. Hey Josh, way to stick with it. We all have good days and bad days, don't get discouraged.

  2. Thanks Matt! I'm not discouraged. If anything, I think I understand better why I have many of my "bad days". Take care!