Saturday, June 18, 2011

Open Door Julie Run 5K - gimme two seconds here

It was a great day for running a race, in this case the Open Door Julie Run 5k in Commerce. This is my third time running the event, but the first time I was actually in decent shape to do so. I had 3 goals for the race (kind of like Bronze, Silver and Gold I guess). The first was to beat 27 minutes, then 26:30 and then 26:00. I ended up with an official time of 26:01.8. Overall, I am happy with the time (which is over a minute faster than my previous best just 2 weeks ago), but am disappointed because I left those 2 seconds on the course.

I didn't feel great for the race, just OK. I think I am ready to go too early and then there is some standing around during lineup and announcements and such. I felt "crabby" from the start of the race, as there were people with dogs, strollers and others who just weren't going to run lined up ahead of people who were actually runners. If they are going to allow dogs and strollers, they need to get them in the back and out of the way.

My legs felt good overall, but the course was a bit more hilly than I remember. No huge hills, but more small inclines than I remember.

I did well and I'm trying not to let 2 seconds ruin what was a good run overall. I can say that if there was a timed start as well as a finish, I would have beat 26 minutes, but I want it official on record. Oh well. In a while, 26 minutes will be a distant memory for a 5k time and I will be competing to win my age group at this race next year.

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  1. Nice job Josh. Nothing like a 1.8 second dagger. You'll get it next time.