Friday, June 3, 2011

No Mac Bridge Run this year for me....

No Mackinac Bridge Run for me this Labor Day. Maybe next year. I still think this would be a pretty cool thing to do, but I'm not going to deal with the trouble of going up there to do a consolation walk.

Dear Runner:

We regret to inform you that you have not been selected to participate in the 2011 Mackinac Bridge Labor Day Run. Many great athletes entered the lottery, and unfortunately not all can attend the event.

We would like to encourage you to enter the lottery again next year. If you would like to receive notification about the 2012 lottery please send an e-mail to If you are still interested in being a part of the Labor Day festivities at the Bridge, please consider participating in the walk hosted by the Mackinac Bridge Authority.

We appreciate your personal dedication to health and wellness and encourage you to register for other endorsed events. A list of these events can be found on our website.

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